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**UPDATED 3/28/2010**
Announcing the newest members of Our Country Critters! Pepsi had twins on March 27, 2010 around 4 p.m.! Our first babies born on our little Hobby Farm! She had a boy and a girl! We've named the little girl Sprite but haven't found a name we agree on for the little boy. I am calling him "Floppy" for now, because of his floppy ears!

Pepsi & babies

Pepsi & babies

Pepsi & babies

Pepsi & babies

Anthony just had to see the babies right away the next morning! He is so dang sweet with them!

Pepsi & babies

Pepsi & babies

We have so much fun with our Pygmy Goats! They all have their own personalities and it is very entertaining watching them play with each other and romping on the "playground" I built for them.

How did Pygmy Goats join our Hobby Farm? Well, it is very simple (to me anyway!)? We were at a Rabbit Show and a man stopped by to look at our rabbits and he ended up telling us the story about his Pygmy goats. He inherited them when he and his girlfriend broke up. He NEVER thought he'd own goats, but he said they are so much fun. He opens their gate in the morning and they follow him all over the place. When he told us Pygmy goats are 24" or smaller my interest was piqued!

When we got home from the Rabbit show I started looking into Pygmy goats and learning about them and their needs. I told Joe I wanted to get some Pygmy goats and he said NO! What? He's never said THAT before! ;-) He told me if I wanted to get goats something else had to go. Fine, I said the ducks and geese are gone. He agreed with me. We would run water constantly for them for their pond, which none of us could stand the smell of. It was an easy decision and we sent them to the "new farm" (the butcher).

Less than 7 days after first hearing that guy's story about his Pygmy goats, we had Peter, Humpty Dumpty, Jack, and Hickory; our first four Pygmy wethers (fixed Billy's). They were all named after Mother Goose stories! During the Itasca County Fair we found out that three of them were only HALF wethered! That wasn't a very good discovery since I had added a few Does to our herd by then, plus two Billy goats who have a separate pen! A woman who has a lot of dairy goats is going to help me "finish the job", so to speak.

Before DaMonte and Destiny take a nap, or go to bed at night, they look out their bedroom window and say, "Good night goats. Good night Chickens. Good night bunnies!" They can see all the animals from their window and they love it!

Meet our Pygmies!


This is Peter. He was born on April 28, 2009. He is the friendliest little goat ever! He wants to get out of their fence and follow us everywhere. He is also very good at getting into the garage where we store the hay! He loves to give kisses and snuggle.

Hickory and Humpty Dumpty

On the left is Hickory, born May 1, 2009. Humpty Dumpty, born April 25, 2009, is on the right. These two are "half wethers" right now, but soon they will be completely wethered! YAY! Humpty Dumpty is friendlier than Hickory, but Hickory is coming around.


Meet Jack, he is the twin of Humpty Dumpty, although they don't look alike! He is the third wether that isn't completely fixed. He is very affectionate, however I've been told that once the 3 goats are completely wethered they will all be as affectionate as Peter. We sure hope so!!! Hickory and his twin, Humpty Dumpty, like to butt heads a LOT! We had them in the Children's Barn during the Fair, along with Peter. The twins banged heads so much that they both have scrapes and dried blood on their heads! I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the confined area. They are use to much more space! In a small area what else can boys do but fight?! :-)


This is Pepsi, she is 3 years old. She had twins Ozzie (billy goat) and Vegas, on May 1, 2009. I purchased Pepsi and her kids when the twins were almost 3 months old.


Vegas is a pretty little doe. She and Peter like to play together.


Ozzie is one of our billy goats. I was going to wether him, or sell him, but Mercedes wanted to keep him "just like he is". He'll make some really pretty babies one day!


Flash is our handsome little stud! He was born March 20, 2009. He is approximately 20" tall. He is Anthony's goat. I told Anthony he could name his goat anything he wanted because when I got him his name was "Billy" and I didn't want a billy goat named "Billy"! That morning Anthony had been searching, unsuccessfully, for his Flash costume, so the first name that popped into his head when I told him to pick a name was "Flash"! LOL! Anthony can be so dang cute!


Spice still has baby weight on her. I bought her and her doeling, August, when her kid was only 7 DAYS old! Spice is still hesitant around us, but she is getting a lot better with me.


August was born on August 7, 2009, so what better name for a little girl born in the month of August?! She is so much fun to watch bounce all over the place! Destiny wants to hold the "baby" all the time. August is the perfect size for Destiny! It is so adorable to see Destiny hold August and talk to her as if August truly is a baby!


Hickory, Vegas, August




Goats and Chickens!

The chickens like the goat food, and the goats obviously don't mind sharing!

Anthony and the Goats

Anthony was looking for wild Blackberries while the goats were eating the brush!

The goats follow Anthony

Anthony loves it when the pygmy goats follow him around!

Anthony and Peter

Anthony and Peter.

Anthony and the Pygmy Goats

The pygmies are following Anthony again!

Anthony and the Pygmy Goats

The goats are munching on leaves and Anthony is munching on Blackberries!




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